Wednesday, June 30, 2004


Dad's home after a spinal disc replacement. X-rays taken during the six and a half hour operation show vertebrae, hips, the two neat new disks and a few of the surgeon's tools. We're very glad to have him home again.

Nanna and Pop stayed at our place for the week or so Mum and Dad were in Perth. At lunchtime on the first day they dropped in two rounds of ham and gherkin sandwiches, two jam cakes, two pieces of raspberry slice, an apple, a mandarine and a banana. Each night I arrived home to the smell of my tea cooking!! A sausage stir fry with pasta and a little mashed potato won't be forgotten for awhile. Especially as the next day I had stir fry sandwiches. You'd be surprised how good they tasted. Well, not if you knew my Nanna. I've now learnt to play Rummy King and to make custard using powdered milk. I'm pretty much sold on this quick, no-lumps method but I think I'm still a whole milk kinda girl at heart.

Financial year's soon over and I spoke to the nicest customer service officer at the ATO yesterday. A Brisbane lass, very bubbly. I think you'd have to cultivate bubbliness if it didn't come naturally, to avoid the dead phone air while the computer system creaks along. Gill's spent a day and a half chasing three quotes per purchase so that she can spend the last of the money allocated to her unit in a government department. One of the items to be purchased is a pottiputki. She may have said,

Rang several companies on spec and its pretty easy to find out if they do or don't - "Hi, do you sell pottiputkis? Do we sell What?" or "Hi, do you sell pottiputkis? Yes, we have No 5's and No 6's in stock at the moment. Do you need a kidney tray?" Its a whole other world... Pottiputki turns out to be Finnish for 'transplanting tube' incidentally, and they are an ergonomic device that you jam in the ground to dig a mini-hole and slide a seedling down to plant in it.

Ripper's playing ball a lot. I'm using the racket to hit it over the back fence. He crouches down like a tennis player waiting for me to serve. I do think he raised his eyebrows today when I took a swing and missed. I've also tried to hit it to him while also bouncing on the in-ground trampoline. Kinda funny watching him bob his head up and to watch the ball.

Better go. We've been celebrating in chat because someone made a decision. I'm not very decisive but I have decided to drink to that. I've even made a date to go whalewatching. I just don't know the date yet. It's that kind of evening. Hope you're having a cruisy evening too.

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