Friday, July 16, 2004

Winding Down With The Dolphins 

Three dolphins arced about down at Colour Patch last Friday. The sudden watery exhalations gave me clues as to where to look to see them. Ducks landing can sound a little like watery exhalations sometimes.  A friend from the #ozrplist chat room and his family were visiting from Sydney (and Perth) and we ate lunch while we watched the dolphins.
We also toured the lighthouse and I was surprised to hear that Cape Leeuwin is the third most dangerous cape after the Cape of Good Hope and Cape Horn.  A highschool drama project saw us settled down at Skippy Rock at sunset to video the Leeuwin light as it began to flash. The same drama project had me passing a mobile phone up through a gap in the Hamelin Bay boat ramp to one of my visitors. I should have visitors more often.

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