Monday, August 30, 2004

Thumbing My Nose, Hitching A Lift 

M.P. Dunleavey, an editor and Manhattan native, recalls relatives poking fun at her for being thirty-something and not having a license. "I didn't think it was funny," she said. "There was something gauche about having a car. It was so -- suburban."
'Licensed to Drive? Fuhgeddaboutit!' in The Washington Post, 19 August 2004.

Did my mouth just twitch? Was that a semi-secret half-smile? What could be gauche about hauling a vacuum cleaner into the drive and sucking crumbs from your floor mats? What's suburban about FuelWatch?

I spotted a link to the above article at me, my life + infrastructure.

P.S. Late-eighties model Ford Lasers - with Northam plates - are obviously not suburban. Likewise, black two-door Holden Astras are clearly not gauche, except when you need the back seat.

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