Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Fire Brick, Fuchsia, Purple, Blue, Royal Blue, and a brighter, deeper, richer Green than the sighted among you can see here all appeared in a sparkling sphere under my eyelids on Sunday night. RP fireworks. Set on black with the usual foreground of static. An electrical colour storm.

But not electric banana yellow. Wondering if my mind could suggest a colour, I thought about yellow and gold. Turns out my eyes don't take requests. However, when my mind wandered on, an intense blotch of Orange burst in. Retinal migraines, dying photoreceptors or a bored visual cortex? Who cares, if I enjoy the show?

Well, me. Yellow is the colour of our neighbour's flowering cabbages (or whichever vegetable he's fortunately left to seed). Here's a grainy digital photo of the cabbages' elegant stalks. And here's a sign placed outside the local Supa Valu that most locals found amusing.

And you know what I've learnt from all of this? That Spring Green shows up rather nicely on black. And that some guy in New Zealand's called his blog Electric Banana.

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