Friday, October 08, 2004

Downside Up 

Judith will be singing to strangers in a lift when I visit Melbourne. She's performing in Outside In, a theatrical performance piece and installation for the Melbourne International Arts Festival. The performance venue is the Atherton Gardens Estate, a high-rise public housing building in Fitzroy.

Three thousand people live at Atherton Gardens, three times as many as live here in Augusta. I'm sure many non-residents will be curious. The high-rise buildings stand out amongst the mostly single- and double-storey houses or low-rise flats in inner-city Melbourne. Entrances are set back from the street and usually surrounded by lawn and low fences. Unlike in the suburbs or the country, you can't take a Sunday drive past people's front doors. For Outside In, you'll have to pull up and introduce yourself.

Meanwhile, I'll be eating nachos in Bentleigh with Dylan.

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