Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Green Eyes 

Finally my rosemary is growing. Like my thyme, I think it prefers the privacy of the back decking compared to the front verandah. The hot weather's perked up my sweet basil too, it was looking a bit sad and not at all like it hoped to be sprinkled over a pizza.

Two weekends ago I spotted Gill's rosemary plant and felt quite jealous that it was growing so well. Granted, it's lived a longer life but I only just noticed it. I've probably watered it before but I only just noticed it. I've probably even rubbed the leaves to smell its scent before but because I didn't yet have a rosemary plant of my own, I didn't remember. Then I turned around to look at some more plants (Gill's bought heaps of seedlings from Kings Park recently - banksias. leschenaultia and chorizemas just to name a few) and discovered an even bigger rosemary plant. Uh oh, Rosemary Envy. And she has a waterfall thyme. Luckily my thyme is flowering (yes, I took a photo I was so surprised... who'd have guessed, plants flowering in spring?) and so I felt okay about that. If my rosemary ever starts to look less like it (she?) needs lots more love, I'll probably feel okay about that too.

In other plant news, our tomato plants are bearing fruit. One roma tomato and two regular tomatoes so far. The afro parsley's way on the lean but the old regular parsley that I was too wussy to pull out (how is it that I'm not vegetarian?) is doing really well. I think it's thriving now that it's not out the front. Someone told me that dogs like to wee on parsley and I have to say she's looked a lot like that might be true. Hence we haven't been eating a lot of parsley.

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