Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Summer Sandals 

My feet looked awfully white in the shoe store, almost as if they'd been wearing only socks and Blundstone boots for the last few years. Sandals are flat to the floor this season and so it was time. Time for me to bare all and bravely ask to see the sandal selection at the shoe store in Margaret River. And am I glad I did? Yep! I now have one pair of flat orange sandals and a pair of red leather slip-ons, kind of a cross between sandals and what we might call thongs here in Australia (but not elsewhere... don't get any funny ideas). For a while I thought maybe they might clash with almost everything I own but then I figured who cares. So now everytime I look at my feet in my happy red slip-ons/thongs/sandals I feel all light and summery.
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