Sunday, November 28, 2004

Welcome Rori! 

Megan gave birth to Rori Anne on Friday at the Margaret River District Hospital. Rori is my first niece and she is gorgeous.

Mum, Dad, Shannon and I visited Megan in hospital yesterday morning. Eight of us plus the midwife in a twin room occupied only by Megan and Rori, us visitors quietly moving about to take our turn at seeing Rori and smiling. We visited just before Macka and Callum took them home after a noisy night at the hospital.

Shannon tagged along with Matt and Boot to where the pair were working on Rosa Glen Rd. We picked her up on the way through later in the morning and, because Matt and Boot didn't finish work till 1pm, we drove about the new subdivisions in Margs, had a coffee, and went for a looksee in nearby Cowaramup. I'd taken two pics of Rori to show Boot and which I've now sent to Erin.

Mum and I snuck around to see Rori at home again today. My first hold didn't phase her at all. She slept and stretched and stayed comfortable. Only after I gave her back to Megan did I realise my right arm was stuck in the 'hold' position, lol. Did I mention that she's quite gorgeous?

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