Monday, December 27, 2004

End Of Year Changes 

Spent way too long re-designing my blog. I changed it because:

  1. I didn't like the burgundy header clashing with the purple sidebar
  2. I thought maybe the name Inattentive might indicate that I am unobservant and thoughtless rather than just away with the fairies.
  3. I discovered via Google that someone else's blog is called Inattentive.
  4. The author of the other Inattentive blog has an actual diagnosis of Inattentive-type ADD.
  5. Secretly, I knew I would never rid myself of the Dee's Wonky Window name. It just won't go, it loves me. Hopefully my actual window on the world will stick around even longer.
  6. I wanted to add a link to ezzanrod and the other blogs I check out regularly and which are updated.
  7. Erin's changed the appearance of her blog three times in as many entries. Two can play at this game!

The spring green and silver colours are a little cool, I like warmer colours better, so maybe this'll be a temporary change. I also added a few accessibility aids but probably not enough. I just kinda started changing a few colours and the next thing I knew I was adding accesskeys and invisible navigation links. Which may or may not work.

While I updated, I tried to think about the subject matter of my blog but it was too hard to summarise for a description. Well, not that hard - family, friends, public transport, reading, writing, facts I've just learnt (actually, I usually shut down the computer without blogging because I spent too long searching for the answers to questions I've thought important to answer - so now I link to Wikipedia etc so that you can do that whenever you visit and I haven't updated) and sometimes the environment, health and where I've stopped for coffee.

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