Monday, December 13, 2004

Friendly Faces, Familiar Places 

I've just finished reading Nick Earls' The Thompson Gunner, which I picked up from the A & R bookshop at the Perth Railway Station for $12.50. I'm not sure why it was priced at 50% off, I hope there's nothing grubby about it that I didn't notice. The A & R bookshop in Perth's Murray St Mall gets an unnamed mention in the book too.

Despite the issues faced by heroine Meg in her childhood, the novel's light and the characters are so nice! When I was in primary school, I thought maybe all future friends would be nice like that. Maybe because I read too many Trixie Belden mysteries. In fact, reading The Thompson Gunner placed me in the comfy Trixie-reading zone. Which isn't a bad thing - I like that zone.

I wonder if Meg/Nick enjoyed her/his stay in Perth for the comedy/writers festival a year or so ago?

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