Thursday, December 23, 2004

High, Dark, Down and Dirty 

Heidi at me, my life + infrastructure took some cool photos through the windows while travelling via plane ('Look! It's a plane! It's a...blurry photo!', 19 December 2004).

Discovered the darkside of knitting the other day. No, Mum hasn't gone bonkers while knitting Rori another blanket. The darkside of knitting is a blog by a knitting gothic from Launceston, Tasmania. You'd think it'd be more likely that Mum would go bonkers while knitting...

At Lanes of Melbourne, the recently re-named ACDC Lane was blogged by Aaron in October. I should have taken a look when I visited! Although, you'd kinda think AC/DC would have an alley named after them. AC/DC Alley, where dirty business happens at night. Done dirt cheap.

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