Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Musical Christmases 

Our Christmas CD for 2004 is Neil Young Greatest Hits. There's no enthusiasm for Christmas here at the Ferris's. Especially now that Erin won't be here (ha, Erin knows we never have any enthusiasm for Christmas). I confused myself totally on Monday by writing out my Chrissie cards without writing out a list. That way, I almost forgot my closest friends while remembering people I've met once for a few merry drinks in unlikely places. Then I realised that most of my cards will be late and the recipients will have left to celebrate Christmas away. People from Yenda'll be at Bateman's Bay, someone from the Western Districts of Victoria will be in Brizzie and my Sydney friend's'll be in the Western Districts of Victoria. Why don't I celebrate Christmas away? Next year, I reckon we should. We reckon this every year. Every year we say, "We should go to Carols next year." Yep, Carols with Ray. Well, Chrissie in Melbourne would be good, I'd just have to be back in Perth for New Years' with Gill and Judith. Or heavens above, I could do something different for New Years' as well! Nah... just kidding.
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