Saturday, December 11, 2004


Andrew thinks the priest did it.

The priest that was on with Susan?


Lassiters burnt down on Neighbours! I can't believe it... I don't think it's ever burnt down before but then I don't watch too often.

Mum and I spotted a hired Mercedes campervan parked in the main street of Augusta this evening. We chatted before we ordered fish and chips and Mum wondered aloud what they were doing eating dinner in the street, at the campervan table, with knives and forks. If you can be bothered with knives and forks, wouldn't you drive 100 metres down to the river and the town jetty, or five minutes away to the foreshore at Colour Patch, or the ocean? From their spot in the mainstreet they could see a few closed shops and the building site for the new supermarket.

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