Thursday, January 27, 2005

Blogger Meet Up Virgin 

Last Wednesday week I went to the Perth Blogger Meet Up in Freo. On the way there I wondered at first why I would want to meet strangers at a cafe. Then I started to wonder why I blog at all. Agggh, lots of self-doubt for one train ride. Just to add to my misgivings I could hear two men talking politics nearby and one of them was wearing what looked a lot like a scout uniform minus any badges - could they be fellow bloggers?

Once I was at Gino's I couldn't see any sign that there might be bloggers about. Two people at separate tables (one indoors and one al fresco) gave welcoming smiles as I looked about a bit but I couldn't be sure if the smiles meant 'ask if I'm another blogger' or 'you look lost but don't worry - you're in friendly Fremantle.' I wished I'd let someone know that I don't see very well and would be carrying an extended white cane. Instead, I was carrying a folded white cane that only served to remind me that I can't see very well.

So I bought a coffee and tried not to either spill it or shuffle my feet as I headed back outside. Lucky I'm not a spy. Maybe Riz could be a spy because she asked if I was a blogger and found the rest of the blogger group - Mark (friendly inside-cafe guy), Marisa, Robert, Richard, Graeme, Brett from Not The West and Jim (who is yet to start his two blogs but comes to meet ups anyway).

Marisa's summary of the meet up tells of why its worthwhile going along. Only I missed the conversation about porn. And I did hear bits of a conversation about making students blog as part of their assessment and another about the potential benefits to WA tourism of encouraging visitors to blog. Marisa's referred to first-time blogger meet up-ers as blogger meet up virgins. I guess that means it'll only get better...

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