Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Books, Coffee and Cups of Tea 

On Monday I ordered a copy of Rhubarb by Craig Silvey from the Augusta Library. Rhubarb will be the subject of a statewide project called One Book, as part of the Perth International Arts Festival in February.

On Tuesday I went to my regular book group, where we each had to choose three books from a list of 115 in the hope we'd be sent 10 good reads over 10 months. Bit tricky trying to drink tea, nibble on chocolate shortbread (we always have yummy food), follow conversation and quickly read 115 short synopses. So I didn't. I just read the titles and maybe the occasional synopsis until I felt dizzy enough to pick three.

I picked Alison Lurie's Last Resort (doesn't look like it's my cup of tea now, even if she is a modern day Jane Austen), Midnight All Day by Hanif Kureishi (whose photo at this site reminds me a little bit of the Fonz - fans probably disagree!), and Local Girls by Alice Hoffman. I had to scan the entire BookTalk catalogue to remember my third pick. Bit hard to choose when quite a few books you know everyone's either read or must not want to read (how many West Aussie's haven't read Cloudstreet or Dirt Music?). Then there are the books about war, suicide and families torn apart. Short books are good.

Next Tuesday we have writers group, where we sometimes discuss books that only one of us has read but where someone is guaranteed to introduces the best tangential piece of information one could hope to accidentally learn over coffee at Colourpatch.

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