Monday, January 03, 2005

Call Me First provides sticky arrows (of the yellow variety) with individual codes printed on them so that people can use them to point out places of interest in their local environment. When someone finds the sticker, they can call a mobile number and receive a text message giving the sticker-leaver's comments about the site.

I read about this at me, my life + infrastructure today after Heidi left a sticker in Minneapolis. I thought maybe the project would be restricted to the US but it's global, with Amsterdam, Bremen, Helsinki, Florence and Puerto Vallarta in Mexico being recipients of yellow stickers. The only Australian city to be stuck is (surprise) Melbourne. I don't suppose many stickers will be left in the country, although a yellow sticker on a strainer post or some driftwood might be cool. Bit tricky finding a spot for the sticker in shifting natural environments. Is leaving sticker vandalism? Or only if your associated text message reads: I woz ere 05.

You can also buy t-shirts with personal codes so that people might call up and receive a text message about you. The message can be updated daily. Why can't people just ask and save themselves the cost of an international text message? Unless people learnt to call the number on your t-shirt before approaching and determine if you are available for a chat...

Deanne's a little preoccupied today and you won't get much sense out of her.
Or maybe -
Don't be put off by the fact Dee hasn't acknowledged you. She can't see you well enough to know you've looked her way. Chat away, she's sure to chat back..

If I had a mobile phone, this could be fun...

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