Thursday, January 06, 2005

Drive To Deepdene 

The Hilux just about shook itself to bits today as Andrew and I left the beach at Deepdene and headed back along the sand track to the Cosy Corner road. Driving to the beach, we could see the low cliffs above the creek and I spotted a picnic table to the right of the track in the bush. We walked along the beach to where the creek enters the ocean in winter and walked back up the bed to see if there was any water. There were two small pools with little fish in them. Over the noise of the ocean we could hear the crayboats coming in for the day, heading along the coast and around to Hamelin Bay. We saw the many-headed grass tree at Hamelin Bay that Mum reckons I should blog. I took a pic or two but the light wasn't great so I'll wait until I get a better shot.
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