Friday, January 14, 2005

Foxy Lady (Almost) 

Picked up my reserved copy of Rhubarb from the Augusta Library today. Mum said it looked a bit dark. Before she started reading it. I guess that's one more person with whom I can discuss it.

Also picked up a copy of Australian PC User from the newsagent so that I could install Mozilla Firefox from the attached CD. But instead of installing Firefox, I seem to have installed Mozilla instead. Good job, Dee. On the upside, it appears to have handy navigator tabs at the top and it imported our IE bookmarks. And we can use it instead of Internet Explorer! Well, Dad can if I can convince him that it won't bite. I'll still be using Opera because I so fancy mouse gestures.

I learnt about the CD with Firefox on it while following a discussion on Australian_Writers_Online .

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