Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hello Perth Bloggers, Goodbye Aussie Blogs 

I joined the Perth Bloggers Meetup Group last month but neglected to give my blog address. Somewhere in my brain a little voice said, gee, that's a bit forward and self-promotion-y, isn't it? and that must have been the only little voice in my head because then I thought, yeah, just write something. So today I received a reminder about the next meetup and decided maybe I could RSVP with a maybe, and perhaps take such a risk as to give other bloggers my blog address. Then I visited Craftapalooza and Richard Giles blog, the blogs of the only other people to RSVP so far. At Craftapalooza I learnt about Perth Blognites. At Richard Giles blog, I learnt that Aussie Blogs has closed. Bugger.

Richard's other site, Gadget Lounge, is nominated for Best Australian Tech Blog in the 2005 Australian Blog Awards.

Note: This entry was updated on 10 January 2005 because I inadvertently linked to and called it Gadget Lounge. Different site, same guy. Oops. Gadget Lounge is at . Both are interesting! The links are hopefully accurate now.

I think I should reconsider re-re-naming my own blog Inattentive.

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