Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Off To The Beach and With The Birds 

Mum and I drove to Hamelin Bay for a swim on Sunday. Or at least, Mum drove and I swam. We wandered off from the car park into the dunes, following our noses and almost tipping over in the sand. Worth it when we reached the top of the dune closest the beach and looked out at the view of the bay. On the way home, I took a photo of the many-headed grass tree.

Callum, Mum and I visited Eagle's Heritage yesterday. We arrived during a free-flight display and then took the one kilometre walk through the bush to see the birds in their enclosures. Callum was always the first to spot the birds and could tell us whereabouts to look. Sometimes I'd have almost given up, assuming that the light and leaves and feathers combined to make it impossible for me to see the birds. Then suddenly Oh my God, there's an owl right there!. I thought the barn owl was cute, sitting way up the back, and Mum liked the four grass owls, with their bent-in legs. We also saw eagles, hawks, a peregrine falcon and black kites. A southwest carpet python lived in a display hut and Mum spotted the pink flower that she saw growing at Andrew's block. With Gill's help we've decided that it's most likely a Ptilotus manglesii (Pom Pom).

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