Sunday, January 23, 2005

Round And About In Perth 

Back from a quick trip to Perth.

Gill, Caelan, Judith, Dylan and I met at the Western Power Parkland in Kings Park on Wednesday afternoon. Caelan brought along his sword and a shield that looked a lot like an umbrella. Gill drove Martin's station wagon because her Laser is out of action with a cracked head gasket.

On the way home we saw a tank (an army tank, not a rainwater tank, as I thought Gill was pointing out) hurtling down Kings Park Road on its way to the fires. Actually, Gill told me later that we saw four army tanks but somehow I missed seeing three of them. Did sound a bit like four tanks, to be sure. I'm glad I don't live any where that tanks regularly roll down the streets. Even if you think there's just one of them, it's a bit freaky.

Caught the train down to Freo to meet the other bloggers at a Perth blogger meet up. More on that later.

On Thursday I realised I'd forgotten to plan my day and somehow failed to see a film, catch up with Scott, shop for clothes or buy shampoo. I did go to the Alexander Library and grimace over the photocopier for a bit before wandering into the city to buy glass pebbles for Gill's bamboo plant. Told her I thought it'd be too suburban a mission but then I asked at Gone Bazaar in Murray St and, tuh duh, I had a kilo of glass pebbles to carry about. Proving that I am sometimes very useful. We ate pizza for tea out on the concrete slabs behind Gill's house. Broadway Pizza's 'Broadway' pizza was pretty good.

On Friday I dumped my backpack at the Busport and wandered over to the Perth Convention Exhibition Centre, which is much like an airport without people or planes. The only cafe I spotted overlooked the busport. Next time I visit, I might try to snoop about the ballrooms. From the east-facing windows I could look down on the building site for the new Esplanade Station.

From here I wandered into the funny glass pyramid building on the Esplanade. After visiting the conservatory in Adelaide recently, I finally clicked to what the pyramid might house. And I was right, it's the Allan Green Conservatory. One of the three plaques I saw was unveiled by HRH Princess Alexandra in 1980. Until then I didn't know there was a Princess Alexandra. I kept walking down to the Barrack St Jetty, walked out the Transperth jetty and then caught a CAT bus back to Trinity Arcade. The CAT travelled west along Riverside Drive, under the Narrows, round to Mounts Bay Road and back under the freeway, into the busport and up to the terrace. But it was cooler than walking and I could sit down. I ate lunch at the Grind Espresso Bar and headed back to the Busport for home.

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