Thursday, January 13, 2005

Round The House 

My basil's flowering and I've hardly picked any leaves for cooking yet. Ooops. On the upside, the flowers are pretty. I'm going to have to start using all my afro parsley - it's looking really healthy, so I hate to go breaking it off like I don't care. Andrew reckons his bet with Mum was for $20. I've taken a pic of the rescued plant, which we now believe to be dead. But you never know.

Megan, Rori and I went to Margs on Monday and saw a bungarra (racehorse goanna) on Blackwood Ave near the hospital. Our bird cage is looking very specky. The native grasses inside are growing and there are old trees and ponds ready for the birds. I keep asking how it's progressing because I'm interested. I keep getting told that they'll let me know when the birds arrive.

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