Monday, February 28, 2005

Mrs Kafoopsy 

Reading Added Entries yesterday, I noticed a reference to the Wikipedia article on Placeholder Names. Place holder names are words like 'doohickey' and 'whatsisname.'

My Grandad used to refer to a lady whose name he couldn't remember as "Mrs Kafoopsy" and I noticed that it wasn't mentioned in the article. According to the Language Talkback Words Discussed and Homework Page, "Mrs Kafoops" is an Australian expression. I found another reference to "Mrs Kafoops" in the episode guide for "Little Voices" - episodes 107/108 of A Country Practice.

If for some reason you want more information about A Country Practice than you dreamed was on the Internet, it's time to visit the Wandin Valley Bush Nursing Hospital.

So having confirmed that Mrs Kafoops wasn't one of those expressions used only in my family, I added it to the Wikipedia article on placeholder names.

I'm a bit shy about editing articles but it's kinda fun to add a little of what you know and to tweak them. This is only my second edit, having created a Wikipedia account a few weeks ago when I slightly changed the Wikipedia article on RP.

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