Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Orange On Black 

I'm practising typing without looking. I'm hoping to inconvenience myself out of transposing letters and generally making mistakes that I feel compelled to fix immediately. Immediately, like before I've finished a whole word or sentence or train of thought. Now I can open/uncover my eyes and edit when I've finished. But not immediately, because my eyes take a while to adjust to the light coming from the screen and everything looks a little hazy. I use NoteTab a lot for writing and I have that set to display orange text on a black background. mIRC's colours are now set to 'Monochrome State' with normal text in orange (essentially what everyone else types into the conversation) and I much prefer the new look. My main problem is reading messages I'm writing in Eudora. As far as I can tell there's no way to change the way Eudora displays colours. Maybe it's time to look into a different e-mail client. And text-to-speech. Soon, very soon.
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