Saturday, February 12, 2005

Transposing A Problem 

My typing speed's improving thanks to the Mavis Beacon program but I keep transposing letters. Most of the keys on my key proficiency chart are marked as being only adequately known because of transposition. I'm worse now than when I started. The program allows you to do exercises that will work wrong-row errors, symbol keys, number keys and recovering after mistakes (the only way I improve on this is by a) not making mistakes, and b) general practice). My searches so far have produced suggestions for quick commands that untranspose the letters and for spell checking programs. But I don't want to fix the problem after it's occured... I don't want it to happen at all. Sometimes my typing's really speedy and accurate and the next day I'm a complete flop. My adjusted words per minute speed one day recently was 66, then the next day it was 46. So it's not bad but it'd be a lot better if I didn't have to press delete so often! Especially as I can't see very well. Obviously I'll always have to proofread but I shouldn't have to then fix up so many mistakes.
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