Sunday, March 06, 2005

Ghost of the Year 

Visited MusicAustralia after reading about it in ResearchBuzz ('Music in Australia,' 2 March 2005).

Searched for references to likely Australian musicians and with a few misgivings couldn't help clicking on a link to the Official Michael Hutchence Memorial Website. A bit freaky at first - especially when listening to the music chosen for the splash page. T'was all worth it when I discovered that the tracks from MaxQ can be listened to here. MaxQ is no longer available (how did I lose my tape?!) so this is probably as good as it gets.

Didn't realise that Michael Hutchence sang two songs called 'Tight' until today. How's that, a recurring theme.

I did enjoy listening to MaxQ again. I heard 'Rooms for the Memory' from the Dogs in Space soundtrack fairly recently while watching Rock Arena on rage with Gill. Or at least, I think I did, it was late.

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