Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Heart-Shaped Island In Need 

Recently I was chatting to someone about a trip to the Philippines on the QEII. Today I opened Oxfam Community Aid Abroad's Activist Newsletter (March 2005, Volume 2) to read about toxic waste left by the Marcopper mine on Marinduque Island in the Philippines.

Oxfam Community Aid Abroad believes that Canadian company Placer Dome, which is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange and has mining interests here in Western Australia (as well as in Tasmania and Queensland), should take responsibility and clean up the affected areas.

Please visit Oxfam Community Aid Abroad to read their article and consider writing to Placer Dome about their role and responsibiities on Marinduque Island.

More information about Placer Dome's interests in the Marcopper mine can be read at Ang Aking Pugad - Island of Marinduque. Oxfam Community Aid Abroad is working with other organisations including MiningWatch Canada.

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