Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Might Lie Quiet For Awhile 

Thought I'd lay quiet today and maybe borrow Megan's bike, go for a ride.

Instead we went to Country Life Farm at Yallingup. We listened to a short spiel about how the animals love carrots, received a bucket full of carrot, and then headed for the bouncy castles. There was a warning to watch out for animals underfoot - chicks, rabbits, guinea pigs. I did well until I nearly caught a baby underfoot. The guinea pigs ran about in a big enclosure with the rabbits and some birds. I hope they're not really farming them. We patted kangaroos, goats, alpacas and two small horses. Then Callum and I walked back to the bouncy castle and I discovered that I'm a lot slower to run on inflated rubber than my nephew but take longer to slow down approaching the inflatable wall. Then we bought rolls at the Dunsborough bakery and drove down to Meelup beach for a swim. Better than lying quiet, for sure.

Peace to fellow Crowdies fans.

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