Monday, March 07, 2005

SiteMeter Lady 

I'm wondering whether I should ditch my Web site, shift my Web site, change it all about or maybe just leave it as it is.

In the last few years I've received fewer e-mails from visitors. In addition, local organisations that aim to assist people with retinal degeneration now have Web sites of their own.

I'll be keeping my blog (this one, at least) regardless but I thought that if I shift my ISP-hosted site, it'd be handy to know how many people visit the blogs and how they rank. That way, I'll know if there's a possibility that people will find my currently well-ranked site in a new home via the blogs.

To help me decide what to do, I've added Sitemeter to my pages. I chose to go with an HTML rather than a JavaScript coded counter so that it hopefully won't affect people visiting using screen readers. The advantage of JavaScript counters is that they give information about how visitors arrived at my site. While that might be handy to know if I shift everything, I'm happy just to know if anyone's visiting in the first place. Hopefully I won't feel compelled to check my stats every five minutes.

If you have any hassles because of the counter, feel free to say so. Any suggestions regarding what to do with my site are welcome too.

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