Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Caught Short 

Subjects I am resisting as blogmatter:

  • A sore throat - Possibly exacerbated by smoke in the air from CALM burn offs - every night we sniff the air and check that our house isn't on fire. Gargling with salt worked to soothe my throat on the first night. Tonight I gargled with Jim Beam bourbon. My tongue went numb but my throat is tickling again.
  • Dog poo - Every evening I wonder if I look a bit odd, dog leash in one hand and a freezer bag of poo in the other.
  • TV - Dancing! If I don't look silly with a bag full of dog poo, I do look silly dancing into the kitchen to jingles for Karratha shopping centre ads played during Dancing with the Stars. I was right to resist blogging about this. Next I'll be blogging the Summer Bay Stalker.
  • Football - Not so hard to resist after Fremantle lost to Richmond by 48 points. I should stick to dancing about to jingles and maybe so should they.

Now I'm cranky again.

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