Thursday, April 14, 2005

Five Years Ago This Month 

I bought a new handbag at Christmas time, just a cheapy to replace my regular handbag. They're not so much handbags as daypacks - big enough for my purse, a notebook and pen, and my camera. And my glasses case but that's a bit nerdy to be mentioning in my blog. Anyway, I took awhile to transfer my stuff from one to the other.

Apart from the practical items I also keep a stone, a marble, a small card with a quote from Mary Mackillop written on it, a feng shui good vibes talisman, and keys to my best friend's house.

And, it turned out, stuff from a trip to Tasmania I made maybe five years ago. Wow, I've just checked the Spirit of Tasmania boarding pass and it seems I arrived in Tasmania five years ago yesterday. Other items include:

  • A Greyhound Pioneer bus ticket from Adelaide to Melbourne (seat 4c)
  • A ticket to see Hung Le and Ningali Lawford at the Melbourne Town Hall as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • A receipt for casual knitwear from Sportsgirl in Hobart (store 562)
  • A visitor's information brochure from Port Arthur (along with a Port Arthur playing card we received as a ticket on the boat tour - mine was the five of clubs).
  • Sonia's telephone number. Either I don't know or can't remember Sonia but I don't like to throw it out in case I need it.

I think I still have cinema ticket stubs from seeing Wog Boy and Me, Myself and I in Adelaide - one film on the way over, the other on the way home. I may have mentioned that I don't go to the movies very often.

I wonder what I'll find in my handbag five years from now?

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