Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Searching Circuitously 

I borrowed Stephen King's On Writing from the Augusta Library on Friday. I started out at the Margaret River library, looking for a book that suggests going easy on the adverbs. Then I discovered that On Writing, which is often recommended by others but not spotted in bookshops by me, was on the shelves in Augusta. The bigger branch does not always have the desired book.

This copy's spent time in the Shire of Narembeen, in Rocky Gully, and in Leinster. I like that it's moved around a bit. Now I'm wondering how I'll ever read more and write more - as recommended by everyone plus Stephan King - if I'm distracted into daydreams by the 'date due' slip?

Not surprisingly, I haven't read as far as the section on writing yet. Fortunately, he mentions Strunk & White's The Elements of Style in one of his three forewords. I pulled out my copy of The Elements of Style and found what I needed to know.

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