Thursday, April 28, 2005


On Anzac Day Erin asked me if I wanted to play tennis. I looked at her like she was mad and she looked at me like I was pathetic not to believe I could. Fine.

We drove to the Augusta tennis courts to meet Megan. There we discovered that the Augusta courts are locked. To unlock them you need to pay $10 to borrow a key from the local fruit and vege shop. And it was nearly five o'clock.

So Erin checked her fuel gauge, and Megan checked her fuel gauge, and we agreed to ignore the fuel gauges and drive out to the Karridale courts instead.

I spent most of my time attempting to hit a tennis ball against a brick wall, while I dodged my six-year-old nephew. Callum hit a different ball against the same wall. I'm sure I did just as much running around after balls as everyone else but not as much hitting.

Later we drank rainwater from Karridale primary's tank before Erin and I had a hit. In the early evening light I could look away from our new fluorescent ball and take a swipe. Tuh duh! Bizarre, they said. I know, but it works. If I look directly at the ball it disappears at a critical moment.

So we returned to Karridale last night. This time we spotted the gold coin donation box between the nets. Money raised goes to the Karridale P & C, and seeing as how Callum goes to Karridale Primary, we think that's more than fair.

So maybe I can't play tennis very well. Maybe I run around in work boots instead of sneakers. But we have fun and there's no shame in that.

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