Friday, May 13, 2005

Extensible and Almost Finished 

Part of me likes order and I think that part of me sometimes takes over when I should be concentrating on more creative pursuits. Or maybe when I should be exercising. The orderly part of my brain recently decided to change my entire Web site from HTML 4 to XHTML. I'm almost finished and the job is easier thanks to NoteTab and my already uncluttered HTML code.

NoteTab doesn't automatically add list item end tags but it does fix up line break tags, horizontal rule tags, image tags, meta tags and link tags. Very handy. Nested lists almost caused a problem until I realised I'd simply added a closing list item tag to the end of every line that began with a list item tag - instead of at the end of every list item (some list items contained another list or two).

Reading the discussion of 'Fix your site with the right DOCTYPE!' at A List Apart, I discovered why the DOCTYPE NoteTab inserts doesn't validate. The word HTML needs to be in lower case.

'XHTML Explained' at HTML Source helped me learn how to make the change without breaking anything.

The W3C Validator is very busy with my pages right now. Should all be worth it soon. At least, the orderly part of my brain thinks so. The creative and practical parts are shaking my head.

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