Monday, May 09, 2005

Let's Go Shopping 

Megan, Rori and I travelled to Perth last week for a break, staying at Kings Perth Hotel on Hay St. Lucky for us, Rori liked the city and watching people walk by her pram.

We bought dinner from Hans Cafe on Monday night and from Oleh Oleh Cafe on Tuesday night, both on Hay St near Mesopotamia Kebabs. Megan spotted a friend from her days working in a Leederville cafe behind the counter of the kebab shop and stopped for a chat.

On Tuesday we caught the train to Cottesloe so I could find a birthday present for Caelan at Singing Tree bookshop. From there we went on to Fremantle for lunch at the health food cafe across from the town hall. I ate a fresh and yummy curry and rice pattie with tomato salsa. The purple lights in the town hall toilets wowed Megan - somehow she's never encountered them before. We called in to see Gill in the early evening and Megan saw Gill for the first time in over six years - therefore meeting my Godson Caelan for the first time.

Before driving home we stopped at Harbour Town Perth to shop at the seconds outlets. Too confusing for me - I bought sheets from the Sheridan outlet rather than flick through racks of clothes. Manchester's so much easier to try on. Many of the shoppers pushed prams and yet so many of the shops prevented prams from entering by cramming clothes racks or piles of shoe boxes just inside their doors.

Called in to the Roadhouse @ The Centre of the Universe for a fresh tuna and salad sandwich on the way home too. Of course, the centre of the Universe is wherever I am but the roadhouse is always at Lake Clifton.

More and more my trips away are about food and not the sights. And so many smells.

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