Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Wyverns and Wine 

Even at book group I find myself pre-occupied with food. We met today at Hamelin Bay Wines outside of Karridale. I came home with a dry white blend of chardonnay semillon sauvignon - screw-capped and 10% off at the cellar door. We discussed olive picking, the Bannister Downs Cheese Company in Northcliffe, and the book.

The book was The Last Resort by Alison Lurie and I've just remembered a paragraph that I wanted to note down, d'oh. This month's novel is Blonde by Joyce Carol Oates.

We also wondered at the difference between wyverns and dragons after spotting the wyvern on Hamelin Bay Wines' logo. Based on my knowledge of dragons from Shrek and a large representation of a wyvern on the wall, I guessed that the difference is in the number of legs. Dragons have four legs and wyverns have two.

Just so I know for later, a female griffin has the wings of an eagle while a male has spikes where wings might be. Ripped off.

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