Monday, June 20, 2005

Licences, Sitemaps and Democracy 

Andrew's recommended I check out an article about openDemocracy at Creative Commons: Text. I'm yet to apply a Creative Commons License to my site or blogs but it's on the cards (along with one or two other things).

The latest issue of ResearchBuzz included news of Google Sitemaps, which looks like a good way to have your page indexed accurately. Also looks like it might take some time to make a sitemap. I wonder if having an HTML sitemap will help me make one in XML? Probably not. (Small sigh). Guess I'll take a look. The ResearchBuzz article mentions a few ways of generating sitemaps, including sitemaps specifically for people using Movable Type and WordPress. Read more in 'Google Announces Google Sitemaps' (ResearchBuzz, 7 June 2005).

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