Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Lurch Along Meet Up 

Last week I discovered that even when you haven't had a beer, it's easy to lurch towards James St on the upper balcony of the Brass Monkey. I think the balcony slopes a little. Thanks to a Perth Weblogger Meetup I checked out more of the pub than ever I've wanted.

Plan B was to buy a beer and wait. Nic of The 52nd State wandered by my balcony table and I asked if he was a blogger. Plan B worked. Only after we'd become lost on the second floor and gone downstairs to check the restaurant, the beer garden and the courtyard did I realise I'd met him twice before. We then agreed to return to the balcony and sit on cushy lounge chairs to await 'the others.'

'The others' turned out to be Bret from Not the West. We talked about everything new related to blogging, the media and us plus a little about chenin grapes and their potential to grow well in Gin Gin.

I love that blogger meet up is unpredictable. I never know who I might meet or even if I'll meet anybody at all. Or perhaps I'll miss meeting people if I don't take a risk and ask strangers if they blog.

Unfortunately, I didn't take the risk and ask a woman sitting at the table I eventually occupied if she blogged. Sorry if you came along and a curly-haired woman looked at you before lurching on. That was me.

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