Friday, June 24, 2005

Quick Quick 

Oooh, experienced broadband today. I don't often have access, unless I'm sitting in an Internet cafe and paying to check my e-mails. All the sites popped up heaps quicker with the exception of Blogger. So I'm blogging at home on dialup rather than spoil today's speedy netwanderlust.

Tagged along with Megan to go swimming at the Margaret River pool Wednesday night. Megan's netball game began at six so I had plenty of time before the pool closed at seven. Rec centres are like a whole other world for me. One Wednesday evening I'm congratulating myself on being at ease while buying myself a drink at a Northbridge hotel and the next I'm freaking out about where to enter a heated pool.

Right now I'm wondering what all the crashing noises are downstairs. I better go before the house falls over or someone needs an ambulance.

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