Sunday, June 05, 2005

Read Me Loud and Clear 

Ooh, someone read my blog. I know because he asked if I'd broken my feed when changing to XHTML.

Oh, said I airily. I don't have a feed for my personal blog. And I couldn't have broken it even if I did because the blog's still in HTML 4...

Then I thought that if someone is reading, maybe I should have a feed. And perhaps I shouldn't think of my site as only being the site hosted by my ISP and perhaps include the blog in that definition. Seeing as how I announced to the world that 'my site' is now all lovely and extensible here.

So now my temporal island's all lovely and extensible too. And I have a site feed. And sometimes I'm way too nerdy for a girl who isn't into spec fic.

Thanks Andrew for making me think abou this!

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