Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Four Forks for Seven People 

But at least there's food on the table. The Borrowers must have our forks, I think they've replaced them with serrated bread and butter knives, which is useful.

We're reading Zadie Smith's Autograph Man for book group. Best bit of fun gossip heard at yesterday's meeting: somebody accidentally drove their 4WD down the long, paved steps outside the new Augusta supermarket. Enjoyed yummy scones and lemon friands too. From the last novel, Ian McEwan's Atonement, I learnt the word Splanchnology (definition at

I went swimming again on Monday. I didn't expect to be going and I thought Already? But I went on Friday! Then it occurred to me that for exercise to be regular, it has to be - regular. And you wouldn't believe it but I actually did my laps in faster time (not very fast, just not as slowly), didn't need to rest as much between each lap (yes, I'm that bad) and didn't swallow as much water. So the regular thing works.

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