Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sweeping The Clouds Away 

Despite my rant about trying to read grey text on white backgrounds, I had a good day today!

We met for writer's group at Colour Patch and I shared my two rejection letters from two Twisted. Why? Because the second rejection letter was more encouraging than the first, which could mean that either a) they decided to be more encouraging when rejecting the second batch of scripts, or b) my second script is of better quality than my first script. Naturally, I'm going with option b) because at least I can think my scriptwriting improved between writing my first script (submission one) and my second ever script (submission two). Maybe I'll even write a third. At the very least, it was a lot of fun and just a little surprising.

Meanwhile, The Age reported on the recent Continuum 3 convention held in Melbourne and quoted EditZone founder Davina McLeod in 'Stranger than sci-fi' (19 July 2005). Ooh, just noticed the article's written by Helen Razer - almost missed that because (you guessed it) the byline is in grey.

And despite my whinging, AustralianReader.com looks to be otherwise recommended.

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