Friday, August 12, 2005

Blog Day Listless 

The WA Blog Award Nite coincides with Blog Day. I need to discover five new blogs and bring the urls along on the night (if I'm able to go). For practice, and in case I don't have time later, here are five blogs that are new to me. Finding blogs is harder than I thought, at least it is without going to blogs I know and checking out blogrolls. Searching from scratch is awful.

  • by Shai Coggins. Writing exercises and quotes. I could probably find more blogs on writing, I know.

  • An Australian artist in Thailand, by Jeremy Holton, an Australian living in Thailand. The last entry is dated 8 June 2005 but I enjoyed reading about life in a Thai village, especially a story about taking a new 4X4 to be blessed by a monk.

  • Ponderance by Tama Leaver in Perth and about media and the Web and blogging. I can't bring Tama's url along to the Blog Award Nite because there's a good chance she'll he'll be there. Ponderance makes the list because it's new to me!

  • Gerard Goggin An Australian blogging media research. I came across his blog at a site listing blogs relevant to disability. Until this blog I hadn't heard the term 'blogging practice' and it kinda made me laugh.

  • Stack Not sure who writes this (it's late and I can't see) but it's about books and it's Australian.

Urgh, I think I need to find an easier way to find new blogs. And I could probably make it easier for people to find me.

I'm fairly certainly I'm not a she ... unless a lot of people have been messing with my ideas of gender for 28 years!

Sorry to hear you can't come to the Blog Awards thingo.
Oops, sorry Tama!

My assumptions about the gender of bloggers are always way off. Kinda makes up for the e-mail from foreign-language visitors who address me as 'Dear Sir' or 'Dear Mr. Deanne Ferris.' :-)

Hope you have a great night at the award do.
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