Monday, August 15, 2005

Investigative Blogging - Quick and Cheap - Get What You Pay For 

An Arizona woman studying journalism e-mailed me today, seeking information about an Australian investigative journalist called "Bob Bottoms." Not knowing nearly enough about Australian investigative journalism, I wondered if a) she was joking, or b) the article she'd read about the guy was a joke. I couldn't write back without finding out, so now I know that Bob Bottom is a Queensland-based investigative journalist most well-known for stories on organised crime and corruption.

Liz Minchin's article 'Digging in the Dirt: Investigative Journalism in Australia from the 1950s to 2000' at the 4 Corners 40th Year Web site gave me some useful background information.

I always learn something after people write to me with questions. This is because I never know the answers. Why people choose to write to me, I'm sometimes not sure. But I'm often glad they do.

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