Saturday, August 20, 2005

Not Blogging, Spring Cleaning 

I know it's not spring yet but August brings both boronia and wet days. Our house is filled with the scent of a small sprig of boronia picked at an undisclosed location. The weather's too awful to go outside, hence the spring cleaning.

After writing my list of five blogs new to me, Shai Coggins from EWriteLife wrote to say thanks for the link. Shai's from Adelaide and is the Web Logs Guide @

Then Glen Bracegirdle wrote from Melbourne to let me know that the links at the bottom of Temporal Island didn't work, including the link labelled 'Help.' Ooops. Glen has three blogs - I could have saved myself some time with my five-blog list if he'd written a day earlier. Accessibility and software reviews are posted at his site, and you might also check out Glen's Tech Blog.

Then Bret wrote and asked if my comments are turned off. Ooops. Again. Lucky I have visitors or I'd never have any visitors. Bret also mentioned Skribe and ToxicPurity's blog One Dog Said To Another. There I read about Overheard in New York, which made me laugh.

Good to see the comments are working again.

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