Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Sidebars and Satellites 

Benjamin Solah has written to tell me of his new domain name, Benjamin's from Sydney and writes horror-filled short stories when he's not commenting on Australian and international politics. I've added a link to Benjamin's blog in my sidebar, along with links to Not The West and

Mark at Papertrap is keen to have any Sydney bloggers turn up to the next Sydney blogger meet up. I'm not likely to be in Newtown any time soon (not that I wouldn't like to be), so I checked when our next Perth meet up happens. And guess what? Our meet up coincides with United Weblogger Meetup Day. We'll be meeting on the same day as ten other groups, only I guess we'll only meet at the same time as the Singaporean blogger crew. All I need to do now is organise to be in Northbridge on a Wednesday night. It's happened before!

I've also made a few changes to my personal page, Dee's, including a link to - home of my friend (you guessed it) Andrew Renaut. Andrew's obligingly uploaded a satellite photo of sunny Augusta courtesy Google Earth so that the less technologically endowed (that would be me) can have a look. I live on the left of the inlet, in a house, which you can't see.

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