Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tabbed Out 

Anything out of sight is often out of mind with me, which is a bummer considering that quite a lot of what should be in my mind is out of sight. I don't even browse my own bookmarks. Once I bookmark a page, there's a good chance I'll never visit again.

So instead of bookmarking Web sites I don't want to forget, I leave open the tabbed window in which they're displayed before closing Opera. Opera then re-opens all of these windows and reloads the Web sites. A great plan! If only I visited those sites that next day instead of just 'visiting' them for days on end. Today I'm blogging one of those sites so that I can safely close the tabbed window.

Bruce Lawson is a member of the Web Standards Project?s Accessibility Task Force and his blog occasionally covers accessibility-related topics. A recent example is 'WordPress accessibility hacks.' If I change the way I blog, I'm likely to use WordPress, so it's handy to know that someone's thinking about how accessible it is.

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