Friday, August 05, 2005

Whale Watching 

Aaron at urban creature asks if non-vegetarian's arguments against whaling are hypocritical ('Wailing about Whaling', 25 July 2005).

I agree that some arguments against Japan's stance on whaling are hypocritical. However, most arguments concern the environment and not ethics. A friend recently argued against Japanese krill fishing because whales feed on it. The baby prawns I'd served with Singapore noodles reminded him of the issue. Next time I'll skip the prawns but keep the vegies and bacon.

I live in a town where whales attract winter tourists. A town proud of its efforts during a beaching in the mid-eighties and not far from Busselton, where over 100 beached whales were returned to the water this year. Protecting (and saving) whales is now part of our culture and our identity. Is it hypocritical to argue against whaling to conserve our own cultural values?

A few days ago I heard that a whale, her calf and a large shark were sighted in the bay. I don't know how they interacted. There are times to look away and there are times to watch more closely. I hope to watch more closely.

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