Saturday, September 10, 2005

Colour and Smiles 

Megan, Cal, Rori and I drove to Nannup today. We bought lunch and ate it near a playground before returning to the main street for ice cream. I ate a scoop of sticky date pudding. How much better can you get than ice cream with cake in it?

Orange and red tulips in a streetside flower box

Here's a photo of a box of tulips growing in Nannup's main street. Rori liked these the best. She couldn't care less about the red tulips but these are the bees' knees. Or very close to the bees' knees, which is why I had to watch where she grabbed.

I discovered that I much prefer taking snaps of plants to people. Every time I see a bright box of flowers I stop and exclaim, look closer and move away, tip my head sideways. How is it that they're just growing here, where I am? For everyone to just, enjoy?

People, on the other hand, do not stay still and smiling while I try to find their heads. I wish people were easier to see. I have that urge to capture smiles and looks but I can't afford to waste them on my camera.

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