Monday, September 26, 2005

Google Alerts Bring Me Good News 

My Google Alerts kept coming while I wandered about in Albany. I've now updated RetGen with news for people who have retinal degeneration.

The most interesting report came from the Kellogg Eye Center - University of Michigan, where they've developed a chip, a sequencing array, that can screen for the genetic cause of a patient's recessive form of RP. I have recessive RP and I'm very curious to know what caused it. I'd prefer to know the cure but I'm still curious to know what's going on.

RP is not one disease but a group of diseases with similar characteristics. The chip can't screen for all types and causes of RP but I'm excited about the possibilities. I wonder how soon this type of testing will be available here in WA? I already have a sample of my blood stored with the Inherited Retinal Diseases Register at Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. How soon before I have a clue?

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